Runway Nails

hard candyWho remembers the impact that Hard Candy Nail polish had on the beauty market. It was 1997, I was working at the Fashion Fair counter on the main floor of Bloomingdales flagship store in NYC.  {Here’s a little retail insider secret… The “main floor” is the front line of all department stores, in other words if you aint moving units there then your’re having a bad salesday.} Even though I worked for a small cosmetics line, I had to be conscious of every product sold in the cosmetics/fragrance department so that customers would have an easier shopping experience. I remember one shopper after another asking me to direct them to  Hard Candy nail polish.  Hard Candy nail polishes shook up the industry with its bold opaque, fashion forward colors and exclusivity in where the products were sold. Fast forward to 2009, the market has changed, impulse shopping is a distant memory, drugstores and specialty stores are quickly becoming  the epicenter of all things beauty. Glorified five and dimes like CVS and Target offer high end product lines like Keihls skincare when just a few years ago products like Neutorgena body was their best offering.  Since saving more and spending less is the running theme on 2009, people are skipping the salons and grooming themselves. Walmart struck a deal to sell this once hard to get nail polish to the masses. Same formula, same exciting colors, just available to the anyone within 5 miles of this mass retailer for just $10.00.

revlonSo the 90’s gave us cool nail colors and the 80’s was the decade of the tip, (think Lee press on nails) old is new again. In light of the economic downturn the fifty dollar manicure may be a luxury that can wait. Does that mean you should give up those nail extension? I say no… If you are the girl who likes long embellished nails but are a bit fnancially challenged then Revlons Runway nails are the fix. 

Since I use my hands to make my money (Tamara Delbridge Makeup Artist) I opt for a shorter nail, so when Revlon sent me these nails to test I gave a few packs to friends and family members to get feedback and here are my findings.

Cynthia Delbridge (my mommy) says “These are not your mama’s press ons. First off the nails are gorgeous. Secondly, they are a snap to apply, and thirdly the stay put. I’ve had them on for 7 days and only had one mishap.  Any woman worth her salt can tell you that salon manicures don’t usually last more than a few days without having to touch them up. Between lifting kids, snapping on jeans and constant hand washing  chipped nails or missing press-ons are inevitable. But I must say that these nails have stayed on”

My home-girl Ty Turner says “with options like this there’s no excuse to have busted nails”.  Although I don’t use them personally they are great to keep in my pro makeup kit when I have to where my manicurist hat on set.  Available at drugstores nationwide about $8.00

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One Response to “Runway Nails”

  1. raedawnj Says:

    Love this! I will have to pass this info and let ladies know another great new trend for nails! Thanks!!

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